Mineral fertilizers


Complex fertilizers - two-three and more nourishing elements in one granule.  Universal water soluble fertilizers.


  • the necessary nutrients are introduced in the soil all together;
  • ensures a more evenly absorption of nutrients from plants;
  • a favorable influence on the microbiological activity of the soil;
  • less expenditure of money and effort.

In the production is used ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulphate, the source of 6% S - related to the formation of chlorophyl; it neutralizes the chlorate ion and serves as an additional nutrient.

It shall be applied in the pre-sowing period or with the main soil treatment.


Technical characteristics of the comlex fertilizer NPS

NP+S (6:8:10 pm)
Three-component complex fertilizer in ratios respectively:

  • Total nitrogen (N) in % - 6
  • Phosphorus (P205) in % - 20
  • Sulfur (SO3) in % - 10

Suitable for all soils and crops.  It is used as a main fertilization and in the pre-sowing period.
The autumn crops do not require extra ammount of nitrogen.


Indicative standards for fertilization for NP+S (6:20:10) 

Wheat, barley - 30-40 kg/decare
Maize - 40-58 kg/decare
Sunflower - 45-57 kg/decare
Leguminous - 30-45 kg/decare
Rape - 45-58 kg/decare

Tomatoes - 45-55 kg/decare
Pepper - 55-76 kg/decare
Cucumbers - 43-72 kg/decare

The Norms depend on factors like the requirements of culture, the type of farming, the reserves of soil etc.