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About us

"Zhivel-Agro" OOD offers high-quality fertilizers and plant protection products.

The company was founded in 1994, starting its activities with trade of high quality copper sulphate /bluestone from Ukraine.

"Zhivel-Agro" has a significant contribution to the revival of farmers’ interest in ecological production.

After 1997 "Zhivel- Agro" initiates the import of mineral fertilizers  from traditional producers like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Australia. Over the years the firm expands its product range with new types of fertilizers, taking into considaration the market needs.

The Products of  "Zhivel-Agro" are distinguished by their high quality. The fertilizers have different combinations  and nutrient content, in accordance to the crop and soil types. This contributes to their high efficiency.

The company has its own warehouses located in the industrial area "Sever" in Dobrich (Bulgaria).

"Zhivel-Agro" assists by experiments on fertilizer performance evaluation.