Mineral fertilizers


This mineral fertilizer may be found in the commercial network also as Superfos.

Multi-component fertilizer suitable for all crops.  Contains more than 70% active substances: salts of nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, calcium and magnesium - evenly distributed in each granule, in an accessible for plants form.

Part of phosphorus is in citrus soluble form. That’s why it is characterized by a prolonged period of action and provides a good follow-up effect / i.e. it affects positively  the following culture/.  
The content of sulfur makes it particularly effective in crops with lardaceous type of metabolism - rape and sunflower .

It shall be introduced with the autumn soil treatment or in the pre-sowing period.

Technical characteristics of the complex fertilizer SUPREFOS

Nitrogen /N/ - 12+/-1
Phosphorus, adjusted in /P2O5/ - 24+/-1
Calcium, adjusted in /CaO/, min. - 14
Magnesium, adjusted in /MgO/,min. - 1
5. Sulfur, adjusted in /SO3/ , min. - 25
6.  pH 1% -oj solution,min. - 5.5

Granulometric composition:
From 1 to 4 mm,%, min. - 95.0
under 1 mm %, max. - 5.0
under 6mm % - 100.0